Hindustani Vocal – Advance


Designed by Enatyam Team, this class is made for advance students. Hindustani vocal is an insanely popular style of music imported from Indian culture and is first and foremost fun-focused! Best of all, the program is designed for absolute advanced students. To ensure the quality of learning as per your needs, the entire curriculum is designed by top professional artists.

What will you learn?

  • Revise all lessons of basic package
  • Learn a variety of voice /pitch control technique to switch to higher scale .
  • Learn to understand chord progression .
  • Master the Advance level of Swaras ,Ragas,Alankaars.
  • Master the Raag Yaman,Raag Bhopali,Raag Khamaj,Raag Bhairav.
  • Teentaal,Chota Khayal
  • Learn to sing popular songs from different genres.
  • And much more


  • This course is meant for advance students! Some background in music is required
  • This meant for anyone above the age of 6+

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16 Mar 2023




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