Kathak – Basic


Designed by Enatyam Team, this class is made for students who need to learn Basic steps and movements. It introduces the student to all the Basic movements in Kathak that can be learned in a short while and used for creating graceful choreography. This course is an Basic course in Kathak (Indian Dance form) and is perfect for learners who have no knowledge of Kathathe Basic course. To ensure the quality of learning as per your needs, the entire curriculum is designed by top professional artists.

What will you learn?

  • Basic gesture and movement in kathak
  • Laya,Matra,Taal, Khali and Vibhaag
  • Tatkaar (footwork) in Teen taal
  • Hasta Sanchalan (hand Movements)
  • Padhant, Aamad, Sums
  • Chakaar(Basic)
  • Tihai(Basic)
  • Palta(Basic)
  • Thaat in Teen Taal
  • Tukdas(Basic)
  • Teen Taal -3 Chakradar Todas
  • Ganesh Vandana


  • Students who have no knowledge of Kathak and need to lean from Basics
  • This meant for anyone above the age of 6+

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20 Mar 2023




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